samos-logoThe Association of Shipping & Tour Agents of Samos, was founded in 1987 with the aim of preserving, studying and promoting the common economic, social and professional interests of its members.

The task of the Union is:

  • The study, protection and promotion of the professional interests of its members and the development of the spirit of solidarity between them.
  • The study of the means by which the development of Greek Tourism will be achieved with respect to the principles of sustainable and sustainable development
  • The strengthening of the efforts made by the state, organizations and organizations for the promotion of the tourist development and movement in the Prefecture of Samos.
  • The systematic study of the problems of the industry for the most appropriate collective claim and their solution.
  • The cultivation, assistance, development and dissemination of the spirit of trade unionism in the branches of the tourism professions with the generalization of the participation of all, in the primary trade unions and through them in the respective secondary and tertiary organizations.

Members of the Board

Marios Bakopoulos, President

Despina Gialouri, Vice President

Dimitris Kasmirlis, Secretary

Manolis Kypreose, Treasurer

Nikos Katrakazos, Member

Address: Grammou 2 & Them. Sofouli, Samos

Telephone: 22730-88882

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