ETGM-TH works to promote the development of travel and tourism in Greece, strengthening the spirit of solidarity and cooperation between tourism providers in all aspects of development and quality services combined by protecting and safeguarding the professional and financial interests of its members.

Our offices are located in Thessaloniki and all procedures and actions are managed by a nine-member board that is elected every three years.

The members of our Association actively participate in professional delegations in Greece and abroad, participate in international tourism fairs, as well as in the Annual “Thessaloniki International Tourism Fair” widely known as Philoxenia, which is held at the Thessaloniki Exhibition Center every year.


Theologis Byron President

Xynopoulou Kalliopi Α’ Vice President

Vogias George Β’ Vice President

Theoharidou Athanasia Secretary General

Kourakos Konstantinos, Treasurer

Paraskevopoulou Helen, Director at Large

Veloni Stamatia

Thomoglou Evangelia

Kasapidis Vassilis



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