petaga-logoThe Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies (P.E.TA.G.A) rallies around the knacks of doing business within tourist offices that deal with the organisation of all nature of travel, whether it be to domestic destinations or to destinations abroad (outgoing business), that as a rule include airline movement. Travel for recreation or travel for professional reasons, individual or organised group travel, these are the customers that make up our clientele. Leading travel agencies within the tourism sector, but also intermediate and smaller ticketing enterprises make up the overall family of P.E.TA.G.A.

The role of this Union has been catalytic concerning the structure of the tourism sector and the confrontation of varied and complex situations – which is not always easy. The constant and constructive collaboration with government and business partners, such as the airline companies, the reservations systems, etc., constitutes the basic concern of P.E.TA.G.A, and it does so as a reliable interlocutor, adviser and partner.

The radical reformation in air transport that’s taking place on a global level and which leads to essential changes in our businesses is the subject of systematic study and the adaptations needed to the framework of interests of enterprises of our sector.

Board of Directors

George Maroutsos: President

Michael Maragkopoulos: Vice President

Christos Kivernitis: Secretary General

Dimitrios Mattheos: Treasurer

Athanasios Grapsas: Member

Evangelos Theodosiou: Member

Konstantinos Oikonomou: Member

Διεύθυνση:Ξενοφώντος 14, 105 57 Αθήνα

Τηλέφωνο: 210-9223522

Φαξ: 210-9233307



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