On Friday 10 February 2023, Lysandros Tsilidis, the board member with the most votes in the elections of 8 February 2023, convened, in accordance with the statute, the remaining elected board members to form the new Board of Directors of the Association of Helladic Tourist and Travel Agencies (HATTA).

By unanimous decision of the elected members, the new composition of the Board of Directors of HATTA is as follows:

Nikolas Kelaiditis, President

Angelos Lambrou, Vice President

Marios Kammenos, Vice President

Markos Spiromelios, Vice President

Aristides Tsaldaris, General Secretary

Vassilis Trigilidas, Treasurer

Christina Bezadakou, General Superintendent

Kostas Anthopoulos, Member

Michael Argyris, Member

Konstantinos Ellinas, Member

Evangelia Karabatzakis, Member

Vassilis Kontos, Member

Theodoros Makris, Member

Efstathios Skretas, Member

Lysandros Tsilidis, Member

The outgoing board led HATTA successfully during a very difficult period for tourism and tourist offices.

The new board recognizes that many issues concerning the industry still remain open and pledged to work with zeal and enthusiasm, in, everyone hopes, much more favorable conditions. The new Board will continue to work through the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel and Tourism Agencies (FedHATTA ), for the benefit of the members of the Association and the tourism of our country in general.

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