Highlights from the annual conference of DRV members in the Peloponnese (October 28-31, 2021). The three days included the conference work, destination exhibition, tour of archeological sites and the surrounding area, and of course fun.

The delegates, members of DRV, the German Association of Travel Agents, showed great interest in the destinations highlighted by the exhibition stands of the participating regions, and also watched with great interest the presentations of the destinations, which were made with photos, videos and texts. This was also the main reason why the annual conference of DRV members took place in Greece. German tourism professionals had the opportunity to get to know a tourism market, that is very popular with German travelers, in more detail.

The participants had the opportunity to recognize that Greece is an all-year destination and can offer just as comfortable and generous tourist programs for summer or winter holidays, business trips, cultural or religious trips, conference or tour programs, sea tourism or mountaineering.

The event, based on the words of the DRV members themselves, was a complete success and we, for our part, would like to thank all those who participated in this effort.

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